Monday, January 25, 2010

Lana Love's Baptism

Sunday, the 24th of January was a busy day...It was Lana's baptism! I got up super early to get ready. I didn't want to be late for Lana's big day...A god parent being late to church? That wouldn't look too nice don't you think?!?! Not only did I have to figure out what I was going to wear but I had to pick Lily and Ryan's outfits too...I became my family's own personal stylist hehe.

We got to the church and it was gorgeous! Lana had a beautiful baptism ceremony and she looked absolutely stunning and angelic. I had an awesome time and so did Lily! Lana's cake was delicious! It was soooo good! I even took some home haha. Her favors were cute calendars. She looked so adorable!