Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Natalie Mackenzie's Baptism ♥

Natalie had a successful and beautiful baptism. She was baptized three months after she was born on October 17, 2009. "Why so early?" Because every month was taken with a different function up until she would be 8 months and I didn't want to wait to long for her to be baptized. So with some sacraficing, we pushed it early and made it happen in less then 2 months. That means no more dining out, date nights were put on hold and did I mention no shopping for 2 months! It was a stab wound to my closet! Haha! No Bloomies for 2 months! LOL! But in the end, I knew it would be worth it. This party was for my baby girl and I would sacrifice anything to make it eventful.

She was baptized at a gorgeous and exquisite cathedral in downtown San Jose. Her reception was held at Little Italy's Maggiano banquet room in Santana Row with the company of 130 guest. She had not but 2, nor 6 or 10 but 20 god parents...I know! I know! What can I say....Filipino parents give their kids a lot of god parents to harass haha. Because I was put on a budget by the hubby I did everything myself, from the centerpieces to the menus and the decor; it was all me! I was stressed out of my mind but the reception turned out fabulous! I ordered mini cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes and French macarons from Paulette. There were absolutely delicious! The food was amazing! I was glad everyone enjoyed their lunch and had a great afternoon talking and mingling with everyone at the reception. I was proud of myself and my husband for planning such a lovely baptism for our little girl.

Natalie's invites
The church where she was getting baptized
Natalie getting nervous hehe
Natalie's God Parents
Reception to follow...Santana Row Little Italy's Maggiano
Kara's cupcakes and Paulette macarons
The set up for the appetizer buffet
My pretty favors...pink and white rosary bracelets