Friday, January 29, 2010

We've gone fish mad!

Have we gone fish mad?!?!

My sister and I have always been crazy about sushi! We find it amusing to watch our husbands shove a whole sushi roll down their mouth in just 3 minutes hahaha =) Did I mention with hot sake too? Talk about hardcore!

Raise your hand if you heard of Little Mad Fish??? I'm not talking about angry fish that swim around in circles haha. I'm talking about Little Mad Fish the sushi joint! Everyone's been raving about their happy hour special (Mon-Thurs from 3-5)! 50% off all rolls and sake! It's such a good deal! We had it for the first time and maaan was it goooood! My preggers sister (who is due any day now) and I and both our husbands ordered 9 special sushi rolls, one order of deep fried oyster appetizer and hot sake for a total of $43.72! You can't find anything cheaper than that for good quality sushi! This is definitely going to be a weekly thing!
I felt bad for Lily...she was just watching us eat the whole time hehe