Friday, February 26, 2010

Lady Bug Baby Shower

Today's post is a sweet baby shower hosted by my cousins Pinky and Cher for their sister-in-law Kristin.  It was a lady bug theme using only the colors red, black and green. She incorporated DIY elements such as the lady bug cupcake toppers and the paper lady bugs hanging from the ceiling. It was beautifully executed! They did such a terrific job! I especially love the cake made with love by my cousin Cher. It was just too cute!

Beautiful Baby Kalii was welcomed in January (so sorry forgot the exact date)! She is absolutely adorable! Welcome Kalii Luv! And Congratulations Kristin and Tarzan!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog Drought....

Sorry for the blog drought has been a crazy month and blogging was neglected. Here is a small recap of these last few weeks...

Ryan's birthday was on February 9 and I always plan something for him whether its out for dinner and drinks or dancing but this year he wanted to do something different. I was a little surprised because everyone knows Ryan loves to party! But this year, all he wanted we're some "Kobe's (basketball shoes)." So, on the day of his birthday, we headed to Nike Town in SF. He walked in that place with a big smile on his face like a kid in a candy store. I looked and said to him "Get whatever you want because you deserve it." In a blink of an eye, he vanished! And I along with Lily we're left wandering around looking for him! LOL! 

For his birthday lunch, we we're so indecisive on what to eat because we we're both on a "No rice" diet but because it was his birthday we both agreed we would make his birthday an exception to our diet rule hehe =) So, we had Thai for lunch and later that evening we ordered Chinese and a chocolate with fresh banana filling cake from "Mazzetti's Bakery", invited a few family and enjoyed the rest of the day with good company. 

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of co-hosting my mother-in-law's (MIL) 50th birthday party along with my husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Being that I am a big fan of decorating and hosting parties, I was extremely honored to be apart of her big day. We wanted a simple but elegant party so we decided to go a head with a black and white theme. I had such an awesome time planning the event. I enjoyed a wonderful night with the family. My MIL looked amazingly beautiful. I apologize for not taking any photos of the decor and food. I was so busy running around, making sure everything was set accordingly.
To add icing on the cake...she was also given another gift from her kids! Can you guess what it is? Hehe =) 
From the very start, she welcomed me into the family with open arms. And through the years, she's been there for me with loving support. I thank her for caring about me. It made all the difference. I couldn't ask for a better MIL. She is everything and more than I could ever ask for. I love her very dearly. She deserves nothing but the best.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My sweet lily pie is 7 months!

My bundle of joy, Natalie Mackenzie is 7 months old and being the happy mommy I am, I want to blog to brag about how sweet and sour she has been in these last 7 months hehe =) 

I stare into her eyes and still, it dawns on me how I've had this precious baby girl for 7 months! She has been a wonderful blessing in my life and I have cherished every moment with her. Lily has brought purpose in my life. She has grown so much since she was born and I'm not talking about her thighs or tummy hehe =) Everytime I hear her laugh or see her smile, my heart just melts how Ryan and I created such a joyful, loving baby. 

I love when she smiles everytime she hears me say her name...I love when she giggles with the touch of her daddy's hands...I love her baby talk...I love kissing her when she is frustrated...I love when she laughs to her daddy's grunting...I love how she is so sweet and adorable...I love to watch her sleep...I love when she opens her mouth wide to eat...I love her fat feet...I love the facial expression she makes when she poos...I love the sour faces she makes when she doesn't like something...I love how she loves to play...I love how she loves to jump...I love how she likes to suck on anything she can get her hands on...I love to play dress up with her...I love changing her stinky diapers...I love her eyelashes...I love her curly hair...I love putting jewelry on her...I love how she is so behaved when I give her a bath...I love how she's so bubbly...I love her rosy cheeks...I love putting her cute hair clips on...I love her dimples...I love how much she loves being in her Maclaren as we stroll along the mall together...I love the smell of her formula breath...I love her big butt...I love how she laughs after she spits on her daddy...I love when after she has vomitted all over me she giggles and smiles...I absolutely love her...

I love my daughter more and more each passing day and when I think I can no longer love her as much as I love her...I love her more unconditionally.

Friday, February 5, 2010

More babies?

There's been a few people who have asked me when I'm going to have my next one...

While some women are ready to plunge into another pregnancy while they still have one or more children in diapers, I don’t even want to think about seeing the pregnancy test come back positive again until my first child hops on the back seat of my car to get dropped off for kindergarten! LOL!

But since my nephew was sister made an interesting fact that I seriously gave a lot of thought. She told me "90% of your eggs have deteriorated by age 30." The thought of only having 10% of my eggs, decreases my chances to conceive in three years is a little worrisome. I will be 27 years old this April with one child who will be seven months old tomorrow. If I plan to have more...I need to start soon don't you think?!?

I have this instinctive desire to have three children may be fueled by an impulse to recreate the family structure of my own childhood. I have develop an urge to have the same number of children as my own mother. I always wanted three children and the thought of infertility or complications beginning at the age of 30 and older scares me!

Still, while there’s no “perfect time” to have another baby, some times are definitely better than others. No one can say when is the next time to have another baby may be. Each pregnancy is so different, that planning the perfect time for another baby is a tough call.

To close out my thoughts, we're open to the idea of having another child soon. I leave it in God's hands. I hope and pray he blesses me and Ryan with many children.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting our sexy back...

After looking at some old photos, Ryan (my husband) and I realized we've gain some weight since Lily was born. After giving birth, Ryan and I often find ourselves staying at home more and putting the needs of our child and family before our own. We've made Lily the center of our world.

Ryan never made his weight an issue because it was never an issue until recently when some of his family seen the change in his body and pointed out that he had gained some weight.What can I say?!? Marriage has made us fat! LOL!

Making lifestyle changes doesn't come naturally. To change your eating and exercise habits, you've got to plan to make it happen. With that said, we've come up with a plan to get us back on track to take better care of ourselves and look and feel our best.
  • Cut down on fatty foods
  • Exercise daily
  • No eating after 8 PM
  • No rice for who knows how long
  • Limit a calorie intake of 2,000 as for me 1,500
In hopes, these goals will help us lose a couple pounds and stay fit and feel great.

Kay-Kay's Eye Candy

My favorite fashion treats-minus the calories hehe =)

I just love the spring jewelry line from both Jcrew and Forever 21! I never used to shop at Forever 21 until I was exposed to their jewelry collection! There jewelry is so similar to Jcrew and you get it for cheaper! I'm all for best buys! Can you tell which ones are from Jcrew and which ones are from Forever 21? =)