Sunday, February 7, 2010

My sweet lily pie is 7 months!

My bundle of joy, Natalie Mackenzie is 7 months old and being the happy mommy I am, I want to blog to brag about how sweet and sour she has been in these last 7 months hehe =) 

I stare into her eyes and still, it dawns on me how I've had this precious baby girl for 7 months! She has been a wonderful blessing in my life and I have cherished every moment with her. Lily has brought purpose in my life. She has grown so much since she was born and I'm not talking about her thighs or tummy hehe =) Everytime I hear her laugh or see her smile, my heart just melts how Ryan and I created such a joyful, loving baby. 

I love when she smiles everytime she hears me say her name...I love when she giggles with the touch of her daddy's hands...I love her baby talk...I love kissing her when she is frustrated...I love when she laughs to her daddy's grunting...I love how she is so sweet and adorable...I love to watch her sleep...I love when she opens her mouth wide to eat...I love her fat feet...I love the facial expression she makes when she poos...I love the sour faces she makes when she doesn't like something...I love how she loves to play...I love how she loves to jump...I love how she likes to suck on anything she can get her hands on...I love to play dress up with her...I love changing her stinky diapers...I love her eyelashes...I love her curly hair...I love putting jewelry on her...I love how she is so behaved when I give her a bath...I love how she's so bubbly...I love her rosy cheeks...I love putting her cute hair clips on...I love her dimples...I love how much she loves being in her Maclaren as we stroll along the mall together...I love the smell of her formula breath...I love her big butt...I love how she laughs after she spits on her daddy...I love when after she has vomitted all over me she giggles and smiles...I absolutely love her...

I love my daughter more and more each passing day and when I think I can no longer love her as much as I love her...I love her more unconditionally.