Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Baskets =)

Easter is coming! and that means time to make some Easter baskets! Yay! I'm super excited because this will be Lily's first Easter! but today is not a posting of her Easter basket (that I will post soon...her's will be extra special hehe) Today is a post of some cute Easter baskets I made for Lily's Mamita (my MIL). I had an order of 17 Easter baskets! Yes 17! LOL! I was so thrilled she asked me! I couldn't wait to get started! She needed them by Thursday so I had to manage my time well. I had a free day yesterday so my goal was to finish in 1 day! I used my brother's room downstairs as my "sweat shop" and after a few hours it looked like a wreck in there! LOL! Eggs were everywhere! But in the end, the baskets turned out great! A post wouldn't be too good without pictures right??? Especially of my princess =) She was my assistant hehe.

I went to Target, Walmart and Michaels for all my supplies. I made flower lollipops and made the label with their name into a flower shape. I was inspired from all the blogs I read! Thanks!

Friday, March 12, 2010

1st Allergic Reaction

A couple of days ago, Lily had her very first food allergic reaction. That evening Ryan took the initiative to feed our little princess dinner. Her daddy decided to introduce something new that night and little did we know she would be allergic to it. Lo and behold...it would be TURKEY! An hour later, she broke out in a rash all over her face! I was mortified! I wasn't sure what to do first...I didn't know whether to grab the Children's Benadryl or 1% Hydrocortisone. Ryan remained calm as always while I was the frantic mommy....I was even blaming him for her outbreak! I felt her itchiness...I know it must of been difficult as a baby for her to deal with this because I, too have extremely sensitive skin and had my fair share of outbreaks. Bad enough, she already has Eczema! Awww....my poor baby! 

After washing her face and applying 1% Hydrocortisone, it was slowly clearing up. Thank goodness!!! I was relieved! She is forever "Turkey-Banned." She will just have to settle for chicken on Thanksgiving! LOL! =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adorable Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday

I have a very special party to share with you...I'm sure you know by now that I have A LOT of family parties! hehe =) There all so special in their own unique way. This particular event was held last Saturday to celebrate my cousin-in-law/godson's 1st birthday! 

The party was so cute and colorful! I enjoyed every minute of it and so did Lily and the hubby! We love being invited to all our family parties! We hate to miss any! We love our families very much. It doesn't stop here...more parties to come! Stay tune!

The handsome birthday boy!

Of course a Winnie the Pooh party would not be complete without a visit from the star himself along with his good buddy Tigger!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A date with mommy...

Last Thursday was "Mother-Daughter Day," Lily and I went on a little shopping spree for the new season. Where was Daddy? He was working. It's rare that I take Lily out on my own, because it is so much work and a struggle. Luckily, my sister invited us to join them for an adventure to Palo Alto's Stanford Mall. I would have not survived alone. I don't even know how to take the stroller apart. I'm going to have to call Ryan for that one. Hehe. For this reason, I couldn't resist the offer. Not only is that place my ultimate fav but because I was dying for a Sprinkles cupcake! LOL! Plus, I needed to take Lily shopping for new spring clothes...I've been squeezing her big tooshie into size 6-9 months and she now fits 12-18 months! Boy, do they grow fast!

Now that she is 8 months, my daughter has turned into such a diva! I hate to say anything negative about my daughter but she can be the biggest brat! Her daddy says it's because of me...that I encouraged this behavior. So not true! I just hate to hear her cry or whine...it's very distracting and I become vulnerable to give her what she wants. Sometimes, I'm just so tired...I will do or give her anything just to hear complete silence even if its just for a few minutes.

I've been meaning to email Lily's pediatrician because lately, within the past several weeks she's been inducing herself to vomit when she refuses to drink her bottle. She forces herself to gag when she see's her bottle approaching her mouth. The bottle is not even in her mouth yet and she gags. Is this normal? As a nurse, I never learned all the small little things that a baby will endure in the early months of childhood. Since I had Lily, I've just been rolling with the punches. On top of that, as her mother/nurse without her pediatrician's consent; I've diagnosed her with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) the upward movement of stomach content, including acid, into the esophagus and sometimes into or out of the mouth

It's not too serious...because she is gaining a significant amount of weight. The vomiting has concerned me but it doesn't seem to disturb her because after she has vomited all over herself and on me as well, she gives you this amazingly big beautiful smile with dimples. I don't think she realizes what she has done! LOL! As a matter of fact, I think she finds it funny and amusing. But I, in the other hand is extremely frustrated because we're both covered in vomit. As her mommy, I try to give her this mean look to show that what she is doing is not good but it doesn't seem to be effective. She just looks at me and smiles. Aaaaaah! The joys of being a mommy!

Alice in Wonderland Party

From a previous post, I showed you an Alice in wonderland Tea Party invitation. Now, I have pictures to show you how beautiful the party was....

This gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Tea Party will always remain as one of "my most adorable kids party I've ever seen..." list. The pictures speak for itself how incredible the party turned out. Good job Tiffany! I loved it all!

Pictures taken from "The Art of Lion Taming" Tiffany's blog.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mixing different patterns...

This season, I'm noticing the mixing of different patterns and textures in an ensemble is becoming super trendy! I've seen flowers mixed with stripes and different textures with eccentric patterns. This look used to be a major fashion no-no but now its becoming very stylish and cute!

I wanted to see what I could find in my closet so I can try this new trend but as I was mixing and pairing patterns, I realized this was not as easy as it looks. I didn't want to look like an idiot or someone who looks like they haven't done their laundry yet...so I found some pictures we can all try to imitate and help guide us in achieving this super cute look!

....flowers can go with almost every pattern! 

I love how the different prints and textures of the jacket, shirt and skirt work so well together

....and FYI make sure the colors you choose to wear don't clash