Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Baskets =)

Easter is coming! and that means time to make some Easter baskets! Yay! I'm super excited because this will be Lily's first Easter! but today is not a posting of her Easter basket (that I will post soon...her's will be extra special hehe) Today is a post of some cute Easter baskets I made for Lily's Mamita (my MIL). I had an order of 17 Easter baskets! Yes 17! LOL! I was so thrilled she asked me! I couldn't wait to get started! She needed them by Thursday so I had to manage my time well. I had a free day yesterday so my goal was to finish in 1 day! I used my brother's room downstairs as my "sweat shop" and after a few hours it looked like a wreck in there! LOL! Eggs were everywhere! But in the end, the baskets turned out great! A post wouldn't be too good without pictures right??? Especially of my princess =) She was my assistant hehe.

I went to Target, Walmart and Michaels for all my supplies. I made flower lollipops and made the label with their name into a flower shape. I was inspired from all the blogs I read! Thanks!