Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back to life...back to reality...

Yes...I'm finally back. Bitter but sweet! After being away from home for eight days....feels good to be back in your bed with the smell of your own sheets and soft pillows. I had an amazing time with my family. I have so much to share. 

After a long vacay, I came back a little tanner, a year older and 10 lbs heavier! LOL!  I'm LA out! 

Natalie will miss her Uncle My-My!  

Stay tune for the next posts...have lots of pictures to share! 

Can't you believe its almost May?!? Where did April go? Summer is heading straight for me...that means I need to start planning hardcore for Natalie's 1st birthday and go on a major diet to lose these extra lbs I gained during my vacay! I hate diets and exercising with a passion! But its a must! I can't hide my arms and thighs forever! LOL!