Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth!

Day 3:

Disneyland! I was super excited for Natalie! She is so in love with Mickey Mouse and his friends! Every morning she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Hehe =) 

This visit was different...this time we brought our very own daughter! LOL! Yes! We have a stroller to push around now! Haha! No cousins. No sis. No bro. Just Mommy, Daddy and Natalie. That means no Space Mountain. No Haunted House. No Indiana Jones. LOL! Once we arrived at Mickey's Toon Town, we never left. LOL! After 2 hours, I was already exhausted from the long lines and the excruciating heat! I wanted to go home! Natalie was pretty tired herself...she was fussy and sweaty and getting darker by the second. She couldn't make it through a whole day there. After she had her meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie, she wasn't in the mood for anything else. So, after a good 8 hours well spent at Disney, we left and met up with the rest of my family for dinner at Boiling Crab.

 As you can see...I look so tired by the time we met Mickey.

 My cousin Josh and his girlfriend Krystal

Day 4:

On our fourth day in LA, we pretty much relaxed and did some shopping. I was so tired from Disneyland and my birthday the day before. I needed a day just to unwind. I needed to recuperate. Here are a few snap shots I took of Natalie that gray cloudy, rainy day.