Thursday, April 29, 2010


Day 5

On the 5th day of our stay in LA...the sun was starting to burst out of the gray clouds and finally come down on us. The sun was a would come then go away and it never came back. It was windy and cold. My wardrobe wasn't prepared or stocked with winter clothes. I had nothing to wear. Good thing I brought tons of outerwear for Natalie. That day was the coldest day. 

We started our day with brunch because my family can never get up on time to have breakfast. The whole LA can come crashing down on them and they would not budge. And let's not brother. He takes the longest to get ready. We were waiting on him everyday! Thank goodness I've learned and grown to have patience for him! For brunch, we decided to give the famous PINKS hotdogs in Hollywood a bite. We've always wanted to taste and see for our own eyes what all these celebs are raving about! 

I felt disgusted...I didn't feel too good after eating at PINKS. And all I had was 1/2 of a chili hotdog (I couldn't bare to finish it) with some onion rings. I felt like it was nothing but "Dog Food." It wasn't my favorite. Would I eat here again?!?! Probably not. It was a one time thing for me personally. I needed to walk it off. So, we went to Hollywood & Highlands for some shopping. We had a rule if we were going to have a big meal...we had to walk it off after so what place is the best place to walk around?!?!? THE MALL! LOL! I went to so many shopping places here in LA...I was overjoyed by the huge malls that had all my favorite stores!

Day 6

Today was KOGI day! KOGI is a food truck that serves the best Korean bbq burritos I've ever had! Yes! Korean BBQ Burrito! It's a must if your ever in LA! I give it 2 thumbs up! For dessert, we had MILK! Not Vitamin D kinda milk LOL! The sweet dessert shoppe in LA! 

My brother loved their Korean BBQ tacos!

I brought home mini red velvet cupcakes and a slice of blue velvet cake with blueberries! 
Soooo delish!