Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekly News

Sorry for the late post...better late than never right?!?! Hehe =) Here is a quick update of my past week:

I won't be mentioning Natalie's feature on the baby magazine until it actually comes out this summer. I got in trouble for posting the exciting news on my facebook status from the hubs. He doesn't like any type of "showing off" and neither do I. I'm very much indeed a humble person. I was just so overjoyed by the wonderful news, I had to share it with my facebook friends (I don't have a phone yet so no other way of communication other than email and facebook) but he thought it was showing off so yeah won't be doing that again.

 Natalie is starting to crawl now! I just hate that when I do put her on the floor and let her be free, she eats everything she see's including crumbs on the floor that could be a day or two old! =(

We took Natalie to her first farm! Lemos Farm in Halfmoon Bay! It was cute but so not girly! LOL! Pics have been posted!

 Natalie's first word is....drum roll please! LOL! Are you guys ready?!?! Its...MAMA!!! Yes!!!! She loves her Mommy! Daddy is a little bummed out! Haha! There were a few times when Natalie called him "Mama" and he would say "I'm not your Mama!" LOL! =)

Halfway finished with Natalie's 1st birthday invites. I already started giving invitations to our family and friends! I will post a pic of her invites on the next posting hehe.

Busy Day

Last Saturday was so much fun! We had my brother-in-law and cousin-in-laws first communion, Lemos Farm in Halfmoon Bay for a birthday and my cousin-in-law's 26 birthday at Holy Cow (Bar/Club). 

Natalie was sooo not dressed properly for a farm! LOL! She was in a ruffle dress, pink lace leggings, white button up shirt, brown belt and pink flats. Sooooo not farm attire! Hahaha! It was cold! (May I add it was nice & sunny in UC! hehe) I was freezing my tooshie off! and I'm sure she probably was too! I think I was teaching her waaaay too early that it "hurts to look good." LOL! She was still too young to participate in all the activities. She had to settle for being a "watcher." She watched all the animals eat, play and poop! It was sooooo not girly! LOL! 

(Crewcuts dress, H&M shirt & leggings, Zara belt, H&M flats)

Then we headed over to Bucca di Beppo (Communion celebrants lunch) for more food! Hehe =) And after we went shopping at our favorite store! Natalie got some cute things from her Mamita!

Later that evening, we were off to Holy Cow! and later that early morning....Lucky Chances for some Tosilog! LOL! It was delish! (Thanks for the pics Irene!)

Last drink of the night! Mommy's can have fun too! Hehe =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly News

Natalie was asked to be apart of something amazing! A photo of her will be featured in a baby magazine. I hope it happens soon! I'm super excited! And when it does....I will definitely post it up for all of you to see! Hehe =) 

I got to see my cousin-in-laws new home! I am so thrilled they live so close to me now! We shall have weekly dinners now! Haha! There house is so beautiful and cozy! I love it! I especially love the kitchen and dark wood floors! 

I finally got to start on Natalie's invitations for her birthday! I designed and made them myself this time! I hope everyone likes them as much as I do!

 Took Natalie to see her Pediatrician on Friday, I was getting worried about her vomiting situation. She vomits at least once or twice a day sometimes more! And I'm talking about "projectile vomiting" too. I thought she might have needed ant-acids. I wanted to make sure she was still gaining weight and doing fine. Thank goodness she is okay and its nothing too serious.

Natalie was featured in another blog (Diary of a Sweet Life)! How sweeeet! It happens to be my cousin's blog! LOL! Check out the sweet posting! (you can find her blog on my Blog Love list) Thank you for the cute post Ninang Pinky! Love and miss you! See you for our Sprinkles Cupcake date this week! Can't wait!

Til' next Sunday! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Thursday

Usually, I'l cook or put something in the oven for dinner. Rarely, do we go out to eat on a weekday. But on Thursday, the hubs surprisingly finished work early and wanted to have dinner. Of course, I said yes! Besides, I was too tired to make anything. Daddy got home around 7ish so Natalie and I made sure we were ready to go before he got home. That night was special because after Ryan had his sushi fix, we took Natalie to Borders. It was her first time at a book store. She was super excited when she saw the children's section. I love her face expressions. I live for moments like that night. I loved just watching Ryan read to her as they both laid on the carpet floor. I will cherish that moment forever. What was I doing??? I was being paparazzi! LOL! I take my camera everywhere I go when I'm with Natalie. To end a good night, we didn't go home empty handed. Because I'm a Borders Rewards Member, I had a 33% off coupon for one regular price book. I definitely had to use it! Once again, I went crazy and ended up buying 9 books! Yes 9! But 2 came in a pack of 4 so technically 3 books hehe =) I was excited to read her one before bedtime but by the time we got home she fell softly asleep. Another night will have to do! Here are some photos for you guys to enjoy of my beautiful night!

(Burberry button up shirt, Baby Gap skinny jeans, Old Navy gold flats and Jcrew Crewcuts flower hairclip)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly News

Natalie now has 4 teeth and claps her hands at every little thing she finds amusing!

The hubs treated me to a delish lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Dublin and a shopping spree at my fav store Jcrew for Mother's Day! I'm a cheap date! Simple and sweet! (Not the fine wine & dining type of girl) I really wanted to go to Lucky Chances for some Tongsilog! LOL! But it was too far.

Natalie had her first fall! She fell off the bed on Saturday. Daddy took his eye off her for just a split second and before you know it she was on the carpet floor sitting on her tooshie! LOL! She cried for comfort! 

Attempted to make my very first tutu for Natalie's 1st birthday! I'm happy they came out nice (my big sis thinks there nice and her opinion means the world to me)! I have 14 more to go! Not totally looking forward to it...its A LOT of work! But my baby is worth it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet Love

Yesterday, as of 12:06 princess Natalie is 10 months! I can't believe how fast time flies! 2 more months until her 1st birthday! Yay! I'm supa dupa excited! Her 1st birthday will be held at a clubhouse not too far from my home and the theme of her party is "Fairy Princess Garden Party." I have lots of planning a head of me. Michaels here I come! Lots of craft making! Hehe =)

Not only did we celebrate my daughter's 10 months (Chinese & Ice cream cake for dinner) but yesterday was also Ryan and I's 4 year anniversary as a couple! We'l be celebrating our 2 year marriage anniversary in December. I know lots of anniversaries hehe. Our 5 year couple anniversary has a BIG surprise! HUGE! Don't want to give too much away so I'm keeping my lips sealed! LOL!

I've known my husband since I was 20 now 27. We have history, some good and some bad. I've been through hell and back with this man and still, I always took him back! He just wouldn't leave me alone. (After the many times I told him to never call me again! Haha! I'm happy he was persistent! Hehe) Yeah, I'l admit! I was head over heels for him! I swear, sometimes I felt like he had me under a spell (He thinks I put him under a spell! LOL!) But after ALL is said and done....I am so lucky to have this man in my life! He has made me the happiest I've ever been! I am so in love! I appreciate everything he has done for me and Natalie! I couldn't ask for a better husband and a devoted father for our daughter. He is by far the only man that can put up with my ma'arteee (aka high-maintenence) ways. I thank GOD everyday for the life he has blessed me with. My husband and daughter are my world! I love them both oh sooooooo very much!!!!

I apologize for the blurry pictures they were taken from Daddy's iphone =)