Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Thursday

Usually, I'l cook or put something in the oven for dinner. Rarely, do we go out to eat on a weekday. But on Thursday, the hubs surprisingly finished work early and wanted to have dinner. Of course, I said yes! Besides, I was too tired to make anything. Daddy got home around 7ish so Natalie and I made sure we were ready to go before he got home. That night was special because after Ryan had his sushi fix, we took Natalie to Borders. It was her first time at a book store. She was super excited when she saw the children's section. I love her face expressions. I live for moments like that night. I loved just watching Ryan read to her as they both laid on the carpet floor. I will cherish that moment forever. What was I doing??? I was being paparazzi! LOL! I take my camera everywhere I go when I'm with Natalie. To end a good night, we didn't go home empty handed. Because I'm a Borders Rewards Member, I had a 33% off coupon for one regular price book. I definitely had to use it! Once again, I went crazy and ended up buying 9 books! Yes 9! But 2 came in a pack of 4 so technically 3 books hehe =) I was excited to read her one before bedtime but by the time we got home she fell softly asleep. Another night will have to do! Here are some photos for you guys to enjoy of my beautiful night!

(Burberry button up shirt, Baby Gap skinny jeans, Old Navy gold flats and Jcrew Crewcuts flower hairclip)