Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly News

Natalie now has 4 teeth and claps her hands at every little thing she finds amusing!

The hubs treated me to a delish lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings in Dublin and a shopping spree at my fav store Jcrew for Mother's Day! I'm a cheap date! Simple and sweet! (Not the fine wine & dining type of girl) I really wanted to go to Lucky Chances for some Tongsilog! LOL! But it was too far.

Natalie had her first fall! She fell off the bed on Saturday. Daddy took his eye off her for just a split second and before you know it she was on the carpet floor sitting on her tooshie! LOL! She cried for comfort! 

Attempted to make my very first tutu for Natalie's 1st birthday! I'm happy they came out nice (my big sis thinks there nice and her opinion means the world to me)! I have 14 more to go! Not totally looking forward to it...its A LOT of work! But my baby is worth it!