Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly News

Natalie was asked to be apart of something amazing! A photo of her will be featured in a baby magazine. I hope it happens soon! I'm super excited! And when it does....I will definitely post it up for all of you to see! Hehe =) 

I got to see my cousin-in-laws new home! I am so thrilled they live so close to me now! We shall have weekly dinners now! Haha! There house is so beautiful and cozy! I love it! I especially love the kitchen and dark wood floors! 

I finally got to start on Natalie's invitations for her birthday! I designed and made them myself this time! I hope everyone likes them as much as I do!

 Took Natalie to see her Pediatrician on Friday, I was getting worried about her vomiting situation. She vomits at least once or twice a day sometimes more! And I'm talking about "projectile vomiting" too. I thought she might have needed ant-acids. I wanted to make sure she was still gaining weight and doing fine. Thank goodness she is okay and its nothing too serious.

Natalie was featured in another blog (Diary of a Sweet Life)! How sweeeet! It happens to be my cousin's blog! LOL! Check out the sweet posting! (you can find her blog on my Blog Love list) Thank you for the cute post Ninang Pinky! Love and miss you! See you for our Sprinkles Cupcake date this week! Can't wait!

Til' next Sunday! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!