Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekly News

Sorry for the late post...better late than never right?!?! Hehe =) Here is a quick update of my past week:

I won't be mentioning Natalie's feature on the baby magazine until it actually comes out this summer. I got in trouble for posting the exciting news on my facebook status from the hubs. He doesn't like any type of "showing off" and neither do I. I'm very much indeed a humble person. I was just so overjoyed by the wonderful news, I had to share it with my facebook friends (I don't have a phone yet so no other way of communication other than email and facebook) but he thought it was showing off so yeah won't be doing that again.

 Natalie is starting to crawl now! I just hate that when I do put her on the floor and let her be free, she eats everything she see's including crumbs on the floor that could be a day or two old! =(

We took Natalie to her first farm! Lemos Farm in Halfmoon Bay! It was cute but so not girly! LOL! Pics have been posted!

 Natalie's first word is....drum roll please! LOL! Are you guys ready?!?! Its...MAMA!!! Yes!!!! She loves her Mommy! Daddy is a little bummed out! Haha! There were a few times when Natalie called him "Mama" and he would say "I'm not your Mama!" LOL! =)

Halfway finished with Natalie's 1st birthday invites. I already started giving invitations to our family and friends! I will post a pic of her invites on the next posting hehe.