Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maximus Baptism

Maximus was baptized on June 6, 2010 in a catholic church in San Mateo and his reception was held at King Fish Restaurant. Here are some photos of my nephews cute baptism:


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Invitations??? Check! Now what's next?

Natalie's 1st birthday invitations are finally finished! Designed and made by yours truly hehe =D On to the next project....16 Tutus! I was this close to just buying them but Ryan gave me the quick, no hesitation "no, too expensive" reaction. Besides, I already bought all my material and supplies so with that said too late now Mrs. Orille! LOL! Plus, I can have the pleasure of saying I made them for my Sweet Lily Pie! I've only made 6 so 10 more to go! =) 

For those who have not recieved an invitation to Natalie's bithday yet....don't worry you will either get it by my personal UPS delivery man (Ryan aka my hubs hehe) or in the mail but here is a sneakpeak of what you will be receiving =) 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Your pregnant huh?"

Nooooo....I'm soooo not preggers! But my Aunt seems to think otherwise! Her intuition strongly believes that I am pregnant. This is how rumors get started so with that said, I would like to tell my family....No, I'm not pregnant. I saw my aunt twice in the last few months and both times she's asked me repeatedly if I was pregnant after telling her the billionth time No. She's scaring me now...since I've known her, never did I think she was psychic. I respond respectfully by asking her "Why? Do I look fat? Did I gain weight?" She responded by saying "No, it's in your face." I didn't know you can tell if a woman is pregnant by just a glance of a face (You have no idea how many times that afternoon I looked at my face seeing if there was anything different about me). Then she shares her theory to my uncle (Oh gosh!) which of course had an opinion of his own "Oh, its because Ryan likes to drink." WTH! LOL! I find this all so amusing! So if you happen to read this Auntie....I AM NOT PREGNANT! Love you! Maybe next year hehe =)