Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Natalie Mackenzie's 1st Birthday Dinner

Natalie's 1st birthday dinner was nothing fancy but more a casual, social atmosphere. Ryan and I wanted nothing more but good food and good company. We invited some of our family members which turned out to be a party of 20 (could of been more but some couldn't make it thank goodness because I didn't know if this place could of accommodated more people). Ryan and I didn't want to empty out our bank account because we do still have a party to pay for on Saturday hehe =) Ryan made the final decision to have Natalie's birthday dinner at a restaurant called Patxi's Chicago Pizza (deep dish pizza aka stuffed pizza). It would be everyone's first time there including myself. I was a little nervous if everyone would like it. Ryan and I ordered 5 large pizzas, 3 pitchers of beer, 3 large salads and everyone had a Sprinkles cupcake of their own for dessert. It was absolutely delish! If your ever in the mood for some pizza....try Patxi's Chicago Pizza! There located in Palo Alto. My favorites were the mushroom, pepperoni, sausage and Hawaiian. I surprisingly loved their salads. I recommend Wedge and Caesar. 

Natalie had a blast! She loved seeing her cousins! It was such a coincidence the "Orille Cousins" all wore red that evening! Hehe =) 

I thank those for coming and celebrating our daughter's birthday! It meant A LOT to see you all there! Here are some pictures for all of you to see....

Her cousin Anakin is such a cutie!

Her sweet Ninang Loreena stopped by our house to wish her "Happy Birthday" with this adorable cake and Princess balloon! Natalie has the best Ninangs!
Daddy and his Princess blowing out her 1st candle (It was a sad moment for me to see my baby try to blow out her 1st candle it made me realize she is no longer a baby but a toddler I wanted to tear...)