Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Bee

I've been on cruise control and haven't been turned off just yet. This weekend we will be leaving for Seattle for my cousins wedding. Excited but nervous. Nervous for how Natalie will be on the plane. Don't want to piss off any passengers with a fussy cranky baby. Need to be prepared for any possible scenarios. You never know what your going to get with Natalie. She's emotional and sensitive (like me hehe). It will be Natalie's first time on a plane and I'm pretty anxious how our experience will be. Not to mention, it will be both Ryan and Natalie's first time in Washington. We have 5 full days of Seattle fun and I'm excited for them. It will be my second time. 

I've been running around town on a hunt for the perfect dress to wear for my cousin's wedding. After going to 5 different malls (went to the city and santana row twice) and....still NOTHING. It's not that Im being picky...I just have this vision of the dress I would like to wear and I know its out there somewhere. I want a simple fancy dress that won't show my arms (obsessed with my fat arms do not want to show them). Ryan says I should of done something about them long time ago but getting my butt back in the gym is so hard for me to do. I hate the gym. I still have 3 more days to find me the perfect ensemble. Wish me luck hehe. 

I've been busy working on birthday invitations and Save the Dates for a new client of mines. I am pleased to be working with their amazing "wedding coordinator" (aka my cousin-in-law) LOL. Will post pictures soon. 

Our oven has been on major over-time. My sister was asked to bake 150 cupcakes and 100 jumbo size cookies for a festival held in Yerba Buena in San Francisco last Saturday. It was such an honor to be apart of something so festive! It was my first time as well as Natalie's and we had such a blast. Wish I brought my camera to take pictures but that day was total chaos. The last thing on my mind was my camera. My sister has been quite the baker lately. Orders are piling up. Thanks to everyone and their support.