Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Kitty Party

This past Sunday, my god daughter, Lana Love celebrated her 1st birthday. My daughter is only about 3 weeks older. These girls were destined to be BFF's hehe =) 

The theme of her party was Hawaiian Hello Kitty. This lucky girl happend to come back from Hawaii the day before her party. Can we say spoiled? LOL! Haha =) I wish I could celebrate my birthday in Hawaii! I was in jealous mode! Hehe. She had the perfect tan!

Her birthday party was held at a cute park. I was bummed out because Natalie couldn't play in the water. She caught a bad cold and was kept in the shade all afternoon. She loved the grass! She kept trying to eat it! LOL! My Natalie eats anything I tell ya! Hahaha =) Not only did she enjoy a nice afternoon with family and friends but she absolutely looooooved the fried chicken legs they served at the party. She finished not 1 but 4 chicken legs! Down to the bone! LOL! Her Daddy feeds her anything! I try to give her sweets in moderation but she'l keep asking for more! Natalie has one big sweet tooth! That's one thing she got from me! Hehe =)

Lana's party was adorable! The only down fall was the weather, it was not cooperating with us that was so windy! Perfect for the Hello Kitty kites that Lana's Mommy gave out. Ryan was a kid again! He was gone for a while trying to get his kite going after many failing attempts! Funny seeing a grown man flying a Hello Kitty kite but it was cute! LOL! All the banners I made for Lana blew away! They were literally tortured by the wind! Piece by piece! But other than that, it was nothing but sweet sailing! Lana's Mommy ordered goodies from Sweet Plush Shoppe (chocolate cake pops, ice cream cone cake bites, pear bars and Bibinka-filipino dessert cake). And, she had the cutest cake with a dancing tahitian Hello Kitty from her god mother Melissa. It was all deliciousness! Nothing but love at Lana Love's party! I hope the birthday girl had a blast! I'm so happy I was apart of her beautiful celebration!

After taking 10 pictures, my camera battery died! I was in disbelief! Sucks! Here are a few I took and some of my favs from others....