Thursday, August 26, 2010

Retail Therapy

Last week Natalie, Godmother/Auntie Pinky and I went on our weekly rendezvous to Santana Row in San Jose for some much needed retail therapy. Natalie is quite the mall rat. I'm a bad influence already. lol. What can I say?!?! Shopping is in her blood. Hehe. 

Our day started out fabulous by finding the perfect parking spot near the parking lot entrance. It was so busy that day I knew God helped us out with that one I say that only because after driving in circles I had said out loud, "Please God help us find a good parking spot." Hehe. God is fabulous! After taking out the stroller from the trunk and unbuckling Natalie from her car seat (its a lot of work), we were finally ready to have some lunch. Our stomachs were growling. We were cranky and fussy...we were hungry. There were so many good restaurants, we had no idea what we wanted but when we saw Blowfish Sushi, we knew right there and then Japanese it is! Natalie was surprisingly in a good mood (just woke up from a nap in the car).
Natalie loves Japanese food! Her fave would have to be the miso soup with rice. She loves it! But on that day, she surprised me by snatching both my shrimp tempuras from my bento box and started to eat them and even dipped in the sauce they gave. Both her Auntie Pinky and I were shocked and laughed out loud! I wasn't sure whether to take the shrimps from her or let her eat it because I never gave her shrimp before and I was afraid she might get another allergic reaction and I didn't bring any benadryl with me. I was not prepared. She liked it so much...I took a chance and nothing. No allergic reaction. I was relieved! and happy! We had a delicious lunch! I'm glad Auntie Pinky liked her deep fried chicken ("they weren't kidding when they said deep fried" LMAO!) Thanks again for a super deliciousness lunch Auntie Pinky! (She took care of the bill hehe) Gotta love godmothers! lol.
Natalie's beautiful Auntie Pinky!
I used to do this face all the time when I was little (I have old kid pics to prove it lol) and I occasionally still do it but only to Ryan. hehe.
Natalie is wearing a dress from Crewcuts, button-up polo from H&M and gold flats from Old Navy.
The two shrimp tempuras Natalie took. hehe.
Oh yeah! Natalie was even flirting with our waiter. lol. He gave her an extra miso soup to eat. hehe. And was calling her "Natalia" the whole time we were there. lol.