Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm getting married! Well, again hehe =)

Ryan and I finally came to our senses and decided to get married! Again! lol. But this time, with the blessing from the Lord. I couldn't imagine myself having a big wedding...that isn't me (hate attention)...more of Ryan's style and what he wanted but we've compromised and I got him to love the idea of a wedding in paradise. I dreamed of a simple wedding with a sweet ceremony at a catholic church and a beach sunset reception with the company of our closest friends and family. When we thought of our wedding, we wanted our family and friends to walk away from it all just as happy as we are.
We’re not the most traditional couple so the thought of a wedding on the island of Oahu, Hawai'i sounded like our style. We also loved the idea of all our family and friends coming up for a weekend to experience the place we love so much with us for such a momentous occasion.
I have 7 months to plan a destination wedding! Sounds crazy huh?!? With the help of my amazing sister who was married in Oahu, Hawai'i in 2009, I already have a church, reception site, florist, dj, bartender, caterer, event coordinator, baker and more! I even found the perfect bridesmaid dresses that were super budget friendly. I already designed and made my save the dates. I will post a picture soon. I am so excited to be marrying the man of my dreams the way I dreamed of....

Monday, September 20, 2010

14 months

Natalie is 14 months! Still can't believe I have a one year old! Soon...she'l be two then we gotta talk about possible siblings in the future hehe. 
She has grown so much. Natalie is learning to verbally express how she feels. What she wants and what she doesn't. She has a major temper and can throw a mean tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. She loves Barney! She dances to the songs. She still enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She tries to answer the questions asked of the audience. Hehe. Its so cute! She can tell you if she wants milk (bottle) or the iphone (so she can watch Barney on youtube). Whenever she sees someone eating, she will ask for a bite or a piece. She eats anything. She goes crazy in her walker and crashes into everything and everyone. lol. She has yet to take a step on her own. Not walking yet =( Every drawer or cabinet now has to be protected by a child lock or else you will see Ziplock wrappers all over the kitchen floor. Or boxes of cereal, Mayo, Nutella randomly on the wood floor. Whatever she can get her hands on, better believe she will get it. lol. Within the past 2 weeks, she has already broke 2 vases. Hehe. She smiles and laughs a lot. She can say and wave "hi" and "bye." She can bless. She can kiss or give you a hug if you ask (if she likes you). lol. She can say "Mama" and "Papa." She still vomits (projectile) almost everyday or every other day. We keep her on organic milk. She loves cookies and chips! She loves books. She will choose which book she wants Ryan or I to read to her before she goes to bed. 
We love her sooooooo much.
Photo taken yesterday at her Daddy's good friend daughter's baptism (Ryan was the primary god father).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Choo-Choo Train Party

I had the honor to design a very cute dessert table. It was a train theme 1st birthday! Desserts were made with love by my ultimate baker "Lissie" from Sweet Plush Shop.

I couldn't have set this all up in time if I didn't have the help of my amazing husband. He truly is the best. Thanks baby.

Hope you enjoyed all the pics! =)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surprise 30 Butterfly Party

Last night, we hosted a surprise 30th birthday for my cousin-in-law! I had an amazing time planning and organizing the event. When you work with great people (my sis Lissie and cousin Pinky hehe)....anything and everything is possible! Working together as a team makes it that much more fun! I had the pleasure to be apart of a beautiful event. She deserved every bit of it! Not only did we all have a great time but we also made new clients and now have a new member on our team! Pinky! lol.

The theme of Kristin's party was "Butterfly Dreams." For those who know Kristin, know she is madly in love with butterflies. She has tattoos to prove it. Hehe. So we added a little touch of butterflies and what's not a dirty thirty without alcohol. Let's just say I saw vomit outside! lol. Everything was homemade with love. =)

Friday, September 3, 2010

A&J Save The Dates

I had the honor to do these Save the Dates for my dear cousin-in-law's friend. They pretty much knew what they wanted and all I had to do was put it all together. I had a blast working with them. Lots of laughs during the process. I can't wait for their wedding invitations.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle was green. Tall tress. Fresh air. Speed limit = 60 mph on the freeway. Sunny then rainy. Good ice cream. Yummy clam chowder. Space Needle. Public Market. China Town. Lots of fish. And that is pretty much it...hehe. Oh lets not forget the infamous city of Forks, where the Twilight movies were filmed. Ryan was watching out for vampires. lol.  

We went to Seattle to attend my cousin's wedding. We arrived that very same day and boy, was I exhausted. I was sleep deprived. I blame it on the alcohol (the night before Ryan and I had drinks with his family and had such a blast but not a good idea if you have to be at the airport by 5 AM the next morning). We went to bed at 2 AM and got absolutely nothing done. I was KO. Woke up at 4 AM to finish packing and took an early morning shower to wake my butt up.  Before you know it, our shuttle was here! I didn't even have time to change Natalie, she had to go with the same pj's I put her in that night. She was awake and in a drowsy mood. But good. I was sitting in the shuttle, when Ryan told me he realized he forgot Natalie's stroller. I was sooooo upset (because I reminded him so many times and still he forgot)! I told him he would have to carry her the whole entire trip.
I was getting nervous once we sat in our seats on the plane. She was awake and playful. No signs of fatigue. We had no time to give her Benadryl. I was anticipating the worst. But, as soon as we had to buckle in our seat belts, she fell right back to sleep and I couldn't be more relieved. She slept on my lap the whole flight, didn't wake up until the pilot went on the air and told us we have arrived at our destination. I was excited to see my family.

A&B Wedding
On our way to the ceremony, we had to walk down a steep hill. As I was walking, trying to get a hold of Ryan's arm, I fell. Hard. On my knees. I wanted to cry. It hurt so bad. I skid both my knees. I was mortified. Humiliated. Everyone who was already seated saw the whole thing. It ruined my evening. I was angry at Ryan. I blamed him for my fall. He knows to hold me when I wear heels (I'm clumsy like that. I've had a lot of falls in my life but it will never stop me from getting back up and walking in 4" heels again lol).
I hate my baby hairs. My hair is finally growing out after all the hair that fell out during my post pregnancy.

Natalie was an angel on the flight back home. Slept the whole way. Yay! Now, we can travel more. Super excited to plan more vacations away from home. Overall, we had a great time. Now, we know what we liked and what we didn't. What was worth going and what was a waste of time and money. Hehe. Although, Seattle is really different from California...Would we go back to Seattle again? Absolutely. Not only do I have family who live there...but we wouldn't mind getting another bowl of that super delish clam chowder! lol. Next time, we'l go to Canada. I'l be more prepared to get our passports together. Hehe.