Monday, September 20, 2010

14 months

Natalie is 14 months! Still can't believe I have a one year old! Soon...she'l be two then we gotta talk about possible siblings in the future hehe. 
She has grown so much. Natalie is learning to verbally express how she feels. What she wants and what she doesn't. She has a major temper and can throw a mean tantrum if she doesn't get what she wants. She loves Barney! She dances to the songs. She still enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She tries to answer the questions asked of the audience. Hehe. Its so cute! She can tell you if she wants milk (bottle) or the iphone (so she can watch Barney on youtube). Whenever she sees someone eating, she will ask for a bite or a piece. She eats anything. She goes crazy in her walker and crashes into everything and everyone. lol. She has yet to take a step on her own. Not walking yet =( Every drawer or cabinet now has to be protected by a child lock or else you will see Ziplock wrappers all over the kitchen floor. Or boxes of cereal, Mayo, Nutella randomly on the wood floor. Whatever she can get her hands on, better believe she will get it. lol. Within the past 2 weeks, she has already broke 2 vases. Hehe. She smiles and laughs a lot. She can say and wave "hi" and "bye." She can bless. She can kiss or give you a hug if you ask (if she likes you). lol. She can say "Mama" and "Papa." She still vomits (projectile) almost everyday or every other day. We keep her on organic milk. She loves cookies and chips! She loves books. She will choose which book she wants Ryan or I to read to her before she goes to bed. 
We love her sooooooo much.
Photo taken yesterday at her Daddy's good friend daughter's baptism (Ryan was the primary god father).