Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surprise 30 Butterfly Party

Last night, we hosted a surprise 30th birthday for my cousin-in-law! I had an amazing time planning and organizing the event. When you work with great people (my sis Lissie and cousin Pinky hehe)....anything and everything is possible! Working together as a team makes it that much more fun! I had the pleasure to be apart of a beautiful event. She deserved every bit of it! Not only did we all have a great time but we also made new clients and now have a new member on our team! Pinky! lol.

The theme of Kristin's party was "Butterfly Dreams." For those who know Kristin, know she is madly in love with butterflies. She has tattoos to prove it. Hehe. So we added a little touch of butterflies and what's not a dirty thirty without alcohol. Let's just say I saw vomit outside! lol. Everything was homemade with love. =)