Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another day in the life of Seattle....

Ryan, Natalie and I just got back from a family trip to Seattle! Yes, again! hehe. I'm sure your asking yourselves "Why Seattle again?" Well, the last time we were there for my cousin's wedding, we felt as tho our trip was cut too short. We didn't get to do all the things we had hoped on doing and we didn't get a chance to spend any time with the newlyweds. Plus, we had the pleasure of staying at my Aunt and Uncle's beautiful home set in a nice suburban neighborhood. Not to mention, a fully stocked pantry with lots of goodies to eat, a fridge with all the beverages you can possibly think of, a nice cozy room with a flat screen TV for Natalie to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning and they let us use their SUV for the week! My Auntie even washed and folded our laundry! We couldn't get better than that! I love my Auntie! 

This trip was a little different from the others we've had, only because it was just the three of us. We didn't have my sister and her family. No other cousins. We only had my Mom and Dad for a day (they left for home a day after we got there so no baby sitter). We had my Auntie, my cousin Angel, my cousin April and her husband. And that was it.

I have a million pictures to show like I usually do. lol. I decided not to take my DSLR camera on this trip because it would be another thing I had to carry aside from Natalie's baby bag, laptop bag, bottle bag and my purse. I opted not to bring it. So, how did I take pictures? I used the camera on my iphone. hehe.

We had an amazing time. Lots of food as usual. lol. And last but certainly not least, we had the best tour guide! Thanks to my cousin Angel! Thank you all for your sweet hospitality! We love our Seattle family!

Here are the highlights of our trip to Seattle....
Natalie loves books =)
A trip wouldn't be complete without a quick stop to the Public Market for the best Piroshky! Piroshky is a russian bakery that sell baked goods.
We had one of my favorite things to eat...KOREAN BBQ! 
My Aunt's suburban neighborhood is beautiful! 
 Natalie on her 1st car ride at the mall and she hated every minute of it...from the moment it started to move she wanted to be out. I wasted $1 on that ride! lol. After, my cousin and I took her to get a book at Borders while waiting for her Daddy to be done at the gym. 
Yes! It was indeed weird! lol.
We had to try Portland's best doughnuts....VOODOO DOUGHNUTS!