Monday, October 18, 2010

puke alert

Since Natalie was born, she has been a "puker" (don't know if that word even exists hehe in my world it does! lol) but anyway she continues to vomit and uses it to her advantage. If she doesn't get what she wants or if you take something away from her that she is not allowed to have or touch, she cries and then we have a puke alert! She will vomit everywhere and anywhere! Ryan and I get extremely angry and frustrated but what can we do??? She has puked all over! From our bed, to both our cars, all over our house. I took her to see her pediatrician twice and still no solid answer or reason to why she persists to vomit and regurgitate. 

For a toddler, this little girl can puke! She has a lot of milk and food in her. 

I considered keeping her on organic milk, thinking it will help reduce the amount of vomit episodes but no luck. So, we switched back to whole milk and still no change. Every time we go out, I have to bring extra clothing, burp cloths and a towel incase she has another puke alert. 
We don't want to completely take the bottle away from her just yet, so, we've decided to cut down on milk. We are aware that she only needs 24-32oz a day. Instead of 5-6 bottles a day, she only gets 4 maybe 5. But absolutely NO BOTTLE after 8:00 PM! And so far, this plan has been effective. 
Lord knows, we are tired of scrubbing our floors, shampooing our carpet, wiping down the inside of our cars, washing her carseat, stripping our sheets and doing laundry every night.
My Mom gave her a bottle after 8 PM because she was whining, fussy over wanting milk and this is what happend after....