Sunday, October 24, 2010

pumpkin patch

Natalie along with her cousin Maximus went on their first field trip this past Friday to a pumpkin patch. We got there just before it started getting dark. Perfect timing. They went to see a real pumpkin for the first time and took home 3 cute miniature pumpkins, perfect for their size. hehe. At first, Natalie was a little hesitant seeing all these "orange weird looking things." She didn't want to let me go...until she saw her brave cousin touch one. Then she knew it was safe to play. She is such a girly girl (like her mommy hehehe). Natalie loved it. She was hugging the pumpkins and enjoying herself. My sister and I learned that day it was not a good idea to take your Maclaren stroller to a pumpkin patch. It was all dirt and rocks. We looked like idiots out there! lol. It was pretty funny to see how they were reacting to the rocky ground, both Natalie and Maximus were jumping up and down in their strollers. I was laughing out loud.