Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I admit I never was a fan of Halloween. As a matter of fact, I hated it. I didn't like the idea of dressing up in a costume and asking for candy from strangers. I stopped going trick or treating when I was in 6th grade. But, because of my dislike for this holiday, I wasn't going to bring down Natalie's spirits. Even though, I know she probably doesn't have a clue what Halloween is at 15 months, I'm hoping she likes it more than me. Hehehe.
The day before Halloween, we attended a 13th birthday/Halloween party. I was hesitant at first to dress her in costume because right when we got there she puked! I was afraid she would have another "puke alert" if I dressed her too soon. So, we waited. 
(Photos taken by my MIL)
Everyone was in costume, soon after when I knew it would be clear....Ryan and I got her ready....Here is the ballerina! =) After seeing her in a leotard, I was sure and convinced I should enroll her in a toddler ballet class in the future.
Before we went home, we changed her into her pj's because I wanted to conserve the costume and use it for Halloween. But, right when I was taking it off...I saw runs in her tights and her leg warmers weren't white anymore. They were more like brown. Not to mention, the leotard. It was stretched like crazy from taking it off. I thought "Oh my! Will I have time to wash it? Or should I just buy another costume?" Decisions. Decisions. The next morning my Auntie Myrna called and told me she bought Natalie a costume. I was excited. I asked her of what? And she said a peacock! A peacock?!?!?!?! Hmmmmm....I don't know....A peacock?!?!?!?! Is it cute???? lol. She said yeah its very cute! I had to call my sister for a second opinion. lol. She said it was cute enough for her to wear to go trick or treating plus the ballerina costume would be too cold for her to wear at night. I agreed! We got home from my in-laws to find this peacock costume....
Did I mention a dragon too! lol. He was waiting for Natalie to get home...he's a sweetheart!
Surprisingly, our neighborhood was a hit! We got lots of candy in a span of 35 minutes and in a 2 block radius. They gave out handfuls of candy to Natalie and Max. Maybe because we were told by some neighbors we were the first to arrive and it helped that they looked adorable too! lol. We had to start early to finish early! The Daddies wanted to get home before the 7th inning of the Giants game. Could you blame them? Its the world series for crying out loud and the Giants are playing in it!!! I was proud of both my hubs and BIL for taking the kids out. I know it was hard to leave but they did it! We had a great time! Because of Natalie....I love Halloween! 
Natalie had so much fun! She didn't want to let go of her bumble bee bag.  She was so good. We didn't hear her cry or whine the whole time. I think she liked the idea of strangers giving her something and putting it in her bag unlike me. lol. When we got home, she started digging in her bag and eating candy by opening the wrapper with her teeth. She loves candy. She got in trouble twice for eating candy without our permission. We caught her biting a lollipop and a kitkat bar the next morning. Her Daddy put her in timeout. lol. Overall, we had the perfect Halloween! Lots of candy and a win for the Giants!