Thursday, December 9, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress

Aaaaaah! I scream at the stressful process in choosing that one perfect dress. It can never be too easy for a bride.  The dress defines the beauty of the bride. It is a reflection of who she is as she gives herself to her husband on that special, magical day. The dress is the first thing he sees when she walks down the aisle. So, that my fellow readers, is why the dress is CRUCIAL to a bride. The first look is always a memorable one! know its all about the dress! lol. You want to experience that "wow factor" when walking down that aisle. Have all eyes on you, especially the grooms! lol. 

Choosing my wedding dress wasn't as easy as I thought. I had to pick a dress that would be of complimentary to me and one that will work with my overall wedding theme. For this reason, it was narrowed down to a few styles. I want my dress to symbolize who I am. I want my dress to be me! And because I am the one financing it, I had to make sure it was within my budget which made the process even more strenuous.

I had to make sure the fit of my dress is perfect for my body type! The fit of your gown is essential! And because I still have some post pregnancy weight I want to lose, it didn't help or make it any easier to finding my perfect wedding gown! I still have 10 lbs to go! I am determine to lose it all after the holidays! I would be lying to you if I told you I was going to start now! lol.

After browsing through the internet and talking to different wedding stylists, I found my dress! It was the first one I chose and tried on! It was soooo me! Because Ryan and I are already married and are not your average traditional couple, I showed it to him! Yeah I know....I know....but I needed his approval! His opinion means the world to me! And he loved it! I know whatever I said up there, totally contradicts what I just did but he didn't see me all glammed up and it wasn't in the moment so the feeling will still be different from the day he will see me walking down the aisle. I don't want to give too much away! But, its definitely not a "cupcake dress" (Funny huh? I got that saying from my cousin Pwee lol). If I chose a dress in that style, I will not only be sweating like crazy but I'd probably black out before I even get a chance to walk down the aisle! Waikiki gets hot! lol! (Plus, I don't want anyone passing out and losing conscious at this wedding hehehe). Back to the good news, I said yes to the dress! Now, I just need to get my shoes and accessories. I'm hoping the few Christmas gift exchanges I have this year will take care of that! lol.

Simple right? That was easy! Wrong! Why am I still looking at wedding dresses and talking to wedding stylist!?!? Not that I'm having second thoughts, but because I bought the first dress I tried on, I was curious to see how other dresses would look on me. Bad huh?!?

A few days ago, I took Ryan and Natalie with me to Santana Row and Westfield Vally Fair Mall in San Jose. We had no intentions to look at wedding gowns! Well, he didn't. lol. I knew there was a Priscilla of Boston Boutique in Santana Row and I just wanted to window shop. I know...Im so bad! lol. But after trying on a few dresses, I still loved mine! Funny how that all worked out! So, after all that is said and done...I'm sticking to my dress!