Tuesday, March 15, 2011

20 months

My daughter Natalie is 20 months and has been such a joy to our life. She is finally walking on her own and we couldn't be more pleased how much she's grown to be such a cheerful toddler.  Natalie is full of personality and can talk a storm. She loves to babble! This girl's got spunk! She loves to wear jewelry and hair accessories now without worrying if she is going to pull them off. Believe or not but she loves to walk! Yes, every since this butterfly blossomed from being a caterpillar she has become such an independent little bug! lol. She can't stand to sit in her stroller for more than 15 minutes without wanting to get out. Thought I would never do it...but I might have to use that "leash back-pack" her Auntie Pinky bought her for our baby shower. 
Now that she is walking, she thinks she can do anything from getting down from our high bed to going up and down the stairs and chairs. She loves to read books. She loves to dance. She loves Dora. She loves Handy Manny. She loves Toy Story. She loves cookies. She loves fruit snacks. Natalie loves to eat rice. Every time her Daddy comes home from a long day of work...Natalie runs to the door with excitement and greets him with a big hug and kiss. She loves to play at the park. She loves to play with her cousins. She knows how to point out familiar faces in pictures. She loves to draw (I will take a picture of one of her drawings one day and post the picture). We couldn't be more blessed to have our sweet lily pie.
Here are a few photos taken from my phone to show she is no longer my little baby but now a toddler that I have to chase everywhere! lol. (Don't mind the Jordans her Daddy chose the shoes lol)