Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weddings Galore!

With the exception of a few of my cousins including myself, we had civil marriages during our pregnancies. We all strongly believed we needed to be married before we brought our babies into this world of ours. All our other cousins had glittering and dazzling weddings.

We all are in our prime, in our middle to late 20's. The time to start serious commitments and the beginnings of a new life as husband and wife and mother and father.

I would like to share some photos of each of my cousins weddings. Each wedding had its own elegance, divine, charming, and gracefulness. 

P&K Wedding
My cousin Pinky and cousin-in-law Kevin were married at a Catholic Church in San Mateo and had their extravagant reception at Sheraton Burlingame which is now the Hilton. They had a whopping 330 guests. Their wedding was pure bliss.
L&K Wedding
My sister Lissie and brother-in-law Kenneth opted for something different. Something that has never been done before in our family (sorry it has been done once but it was a wedding of only 20 people, very intimate. I didn't forget you Aileen hehe)...and I commend them on their courage in doing what they wanted to do without caring of anyones opinion. They had a destination wedding in Hawaii with the company of 65 guests. Their wedding was ultimate paradise and absolutely gorgeous.
K&T Wedding
My cousin Tarzan and cousin-in-law Kristin had a beautiful wedding set in a pier. The ceremony was intimate. It was lovely. My cousin-in-law looked absolutely gorgeous in spite of being 6 months pregnant with their second child.
A&B Wedding  
My cousin April and cousin-in-law Beau were married in Seattle at a charming golf course/country club. They had the most epic speeches from their wedding party I have ever heard. I literally could not stop laughing. 
P&B Wedding
Although, I could not attend my cousin Pwee and cousin-in-law Bj's gorgeous wedding in New Jersey. If I know my cousin right, her wedding would be nothing less than stunning. Her wedding was absolutely ravishing! Pure glamourous! 
I apologize to my other two cousins who also had beautiful weddings (one was married in Embassy Suites in Burlingame and the other had a very intimate wedding in Hawaii). I have no access to your pictures but if your reading this...send them my way and I will be happy to edit my post hehehe =)
And all these pictures were stolen by yours truly thanks to Facebook! Sorry cousins! You love me! lol.

I hope you enjoyed the wonderful wedding eye candy! Can't wait for mine! A month in a half more! Super excited!