Thursday, April 28, 2011


Your probably thinking...."How do you still have time to blog?" Well, I don't really....but every morning this past week, the sound of my text alert has waken me up. Who's texting me so early in the morning? My excited brother sending me picture texts of all my cousins "beach bodies." Weird? Crazy? Funny? Yes! All that and more! lol. Today, he sent me one at 5 AM! And that! is why Im up writing one more post before Im off to paradise.

How do I feel? I feel scared. Nervous. Anxious. Worried. Stressed. Im sick to my stomach actually...I've never been so nervous in my life. Up to today, this is the biggest event I have planned. I am just praying to GOD everything goes smoothly. Call me crazy but I've had nightmares about my wedding. I wake up thanking GOD it was just a dream. 

Weddings are disgustingly expensive. Ryan and I have never invested so much money in our life just for one day. Because Ryan truly wanted this wedding with every dollar saved....I want our wedding to be one of the most memorable days besides Natalie's birth of his life. I will do anything to make this man happy! I love him so much and I just want to see that beautiful smile on his face. He's worked hard for this wedding and there is nothing more I want, to see him and our families happy. 
Ryan wishes his brother was still here to be a part of and witness this momentous occasion but we both know he's our angel watching over us, to help protect our wedding day from all evil.

With my family texting me as each day passes and heads towards Hawaii, I wish I still had more time. They make me more nervous and worrisome just thinking how close its coming. But, Im happy to know my family is just as excited as Ryan and I are. I want to thank our family for all their support and love. Thank you for loving me and Ryan. You all mean the world to us.