Friday, June 10, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal 05.07.11 (Part 1)

Our church rehearsal was scheduled for 11 AM and instead of the traditional rehearsal dinner, we hosted a lunch for everyone who joined us in Hawaii. My church was absolutely beautiful! Amazing! I didn't focus too much on the decor because the church itself was gorgeous! 
This was the part when I decided I couldn't do it. I couldn't recite my own vows infront of all our family. We only had 90 guests and still I frozed up and just couldn't do it. I was too shy. Ryan was relieved! lol. I think only because he hadn't written his yet. He was glad we decided to do the catholic vows.
On the day of our rehearsal, I didn't feel stressed at all. I was excited and happy to see everyone all together in one huge shuttle bus smiling, laughing and just having a blast here in Hawaii. I couldn't have asked for a better day! (other than our wedding hehe)
Ryan and I closed out a restaurant for private dining. My family knows I love Korean food so I was searching high and low for a Korean BBQ restaurant that would be close to our church and not too far from our hotel. After "yelping" so many restaurants, I found a Japanese BBQ dining that offered the same "cook-it-yourself" menu I was looking for. It was perfect and just as delicious! My sister and I loved it so much we took our Mom there again the next day for Mother's Day!
Although some people didn't get their food on time, the staff was awesome and always remained calm. They have never closed their restaurant down before, we were their very first private event at full capacity. I thought they did great! 
Everyone was free to order what they wished and of course alcohol too hehehe =) I had my fair share of sake bombs (beer cocktail made by pouring sake into a shot glass and dropping it into a glass of beer)! lol! That bill was worth every smile I saw that day!
Warning: Picture Heavy (Here are the ones my uncle-in-law took! Love them!)