Sunday, July 31, 2011

favorite purchases

1. After years and months of waiting, we finally got an ipad. I love the ipad 2! It's so funny when me and Natalie use face time to talk to Ryan. His face fills up the entire screen! I can't help but always giggle!
2. I couldn't by pass the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I saw these Vince Camuto "Jerrell" Booties and I just had to have them! On sale for $89.90! Sale price after August 1 is $138.95! I think I got a pretty good deal!
3. House of Harlow 1960 Leather Station Necklace in color Khaki (I first wore this necklace to my cousin-in-law's birthday and I love how it's not heavy at all. The necklace feels as light as a feather).
4. House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Necklace in color Black (You might notice I first wore this piece to Natalie's 2nd birthday party. I loved how the chain was so thin and light).
Thank you to my gorgeous/fashionista/cousin Pwee for introducing me to this super fabulous jewelry line. And I'll be the first to admit, I go to my cousin to be fashionably inspired. We all love the same things and for this reason don't be surprise if you see us all have the same things! lol! I seriously fell in love with Nicole Richie's jewelry collection! Also, you will find a lot of celebrities wearing her jewelry. From Kim K, Lala, Miley Cyrus, Stephanie Pratt and the list goes on....
5. Aaaaah! Milk glass cake stands! I absolutely love them! They are sooooo pretty! I'm starting to expand my collection. Within a month, I have bought a total of 7! Price ranges from $40-$80 and not including shipping! I know! There a bit expensive but they are so worth it! They are an amazing piece of showcase! And I will need them for a future business venture ;)
6. Colored Denim. The first time I saw this look was when Kim Kardashian wore a pair of J Brand skinnies in royal blue. I thought "How cute." Then my cousin Pwee recommended them as well. You can read her post here. But for a pair of J Brands, they will cost you $176! Yes! I know! Crazy! So, I definitely had to wait. Finally, I got my hands on a pair of colored denim. They surely make a fashion statement! I can't wait to wear them again :) 
7. Tory Burch. I can't say enough about this woman's fashion collection. From her shoes to her bags. Pure sophistication. Classic. Definitely known for her infamous flats. Can't wait to get my hands on a pair for Winter. But before we think about winter, we have summer. I love the thora flat sandals and the flipflops. They are so comfy! I wore these thongs slippers everywhere especially in Hawaii! I have them in 2 colors.
8. Tory Burch Continental Wallet. I was in need of a new wallet. Badly. I'm guilty of yet again taking advantage of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. I bought this wallet for $149.90. Sale price as of August 1 is $225.00. I got a great deal! You gotta love sales! lol!