Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new room new look

We recently just moved and for this reason, we had a new room for me to re-design. Actually 2 bedrooms, Natalie was going to have her very own room too. I was excited for the change, the new makeover and the transformation of our room. I already had it pictured in my mind...gray walls, white furniture, yellow accent pillows... but the hunt for all things pretty and "matchy-matchy" was more of a challenge than I thought. By all means, I am no interior designer. As a matter of fact, after squirming around looking for decor, I was beginning to hate it. You would think since I love to design dessert tables, plan parties and have a passion for fashion; I would at least know how to pick curtains, bed linens, table lamps that would go perfectly together. But no...I am totally clueless to designing a room better yet a home. I searched high and low for ideas. And here is what I found for my inspiration board:
1. I love the yellow and gray floral throw pillows and especially the chic carpet rug. The pillows can be found at Target.
2. I love this look! Using picture frames in all sizes to make one big picture of pure art. I definitely want to do something like this once I get my wedding photos. You can find affordable black, white or gray frames at Ikea.
3. I loved how they incorporated yellow by adding yellow chairs and yellow table lamps. 
4. I absolutely love zigzag rugs. This can be found at West Elm for a big price, one that I cannot afford at the moment. lol.
5. I love the gray walls and that mirrior on top of the bed is just beautiful!
6. I cannot get enough of these white vintage frames. I just can't seem to find one at a affordable price. I would love to put one in Natalie's room. I will be on the hunt for one!
7. I love these canvas photos! They are such a nice touch to add to a room. Family photos are always oh so precious!
8. Love zigzag throw pillows! These are so modern and so chic! They can be found at West Elm and Etsy for an affordable price but without the insert pillows. 
9. I love the room included all three colors (black, white and yellow) so perfectly.

And after a week of scrambling around town, going from one store to the next looking for pieces that would suit our room, with a few things still missing; here is what I have completed so far:
Decorating a room, 2 bedrooms for that matter and let's not forget the bathroom and livingroom does not come cheap so this project is going to take longer than I expected. As soon as its completely finish, I will update and post more pictures of our new room. Until then, here was a sneak peek =)