Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Slowly but surely

I'm growing impatient waiting for our names to go up that ladder. What do I mean? Our photographer from our wedding has each of his couples go through a tortuous process in order to get their wedding photos. See for yourself:
Recently Mailed Packages:
Caroline & James (1/06/11)
Michelle & Michael (1/15/11)
Jennifer & Nate (1/22/11)
Jennifer & TJ (02/03/11)
Marina & Craig (02/11/11)
Rebecca & Bando (02/18/11)
Jacinda & Daniel (03/04/11)
Clover & Palo (03/21/11)
Ready For Shipping:
Noel & Andy (03/20/11)
KG E-session (03/25/11)
Finishing Up:
Jacquleine & Jayson (03/28/11)
Currently Editing:
Rachel & Wendel (04/30/11)
Linda & Michael (05/02/11)

Next to be Edited:
HA E-session (05/04/11)
Heaven & Ashish (05/07/11)
Kat & Ryan (05/09/11)
Jennifer & Kenny (05/14/11)
JK TTD session (05/15/11)
Ivelia & Joseph (05/18/11)
Christina & Steve (05/20/11)
Yuki & Paul (05/23/11)
Kristin & David (05/27/11)
Aileen & Brian (05/29/11)
CS E-session (06/01/11)
Kathy & Dan (06/04/11)
And we're only next to be edited! I am extremely frustrated how incredibly lengthy this process is taking but yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand that it is all about quality. To make matters worst, not only are our wedding photos taking a life time to finish up but our wedding video as well! It will take an excruciating 5-7 months for us to receive our dvd. How ridiculous is that?!?!?! Could it just be me being restless, agitated, nervous, anxious, tense, irritated and annoyed??? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

How long does it take to get our finished DVD? 
With our current editing schedule it will take between 5-7 months before we deliver your finished DVD. We typically spend 2-3 weeks, a few hundred hours, from start to finish on each wedding. We don’t like working with cookie cutter templates. Not one bit. We strive to deliver a unique and custom wedding film everytime. At the same time we are constantly trying to refine things to become more efficient but we’ll never compromise quality for the sake of rushing a final product out the door -Our Wedding Videographer Team