Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Dora Party

After all the planning and preparation....I present you my daughter's 2nd birthday dora picnic bbq party! Here are a few photos I took with my iphone and as you keep scrolling down you will see pictures my sweet uncle took. You will notice on a couple of photos that there are some empty cake stands. My older sister came a little late as scheduled with the rest of the desserts we baked and prepared. 

Natalie's birthday outfit: Jcrew Crewcuts
Desserts: Me and my amazing sister
Cake: My fabulous Auntie Sue
Dessert bar designer and stylist: Me
Thank yous:
Thanks to my husband for being so awesome! He brought all of my props and serveware to the park! Love him to pieces! =)

Thank you to my incredible mother-in-law for the refreshing fruits and the delicious marinated chicken my father-in-law barbequed!

Thank you to my Mommy & Daddy for the tasty bbq pork on a stick and the appetizing oysters!

Thank you to my sister for baking her infamous pearbars and cake pops!

Thank you to my cousin-in-law Melissa for the mouthwatering crab dip!  

Thank you to my cousin-in-law Loreena for the flavorful sangria! It was just what we needed on a very warm day!

Thank you to my brother and cousin Josh for helping Ryan set up. 

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all of our family and friends for coming and celebrating our daughter's birthday and for all of the generous gifts. We apprecite it so much. We are very blessed to have you all in our lives.

Natalie loves you all very very much!!!