Thursday, August 25, 2011

terrible two

The "Terrible Two's" stage. 
This developemental phase in our little toddler has effected hubby and I tremendously. Our Lily Pie has temper tantrums, says no to everything and at times refuses to do as she is told. We were confused. We became frustrated and impatient. There are times where we would just give in and give her whatever she wanted because we were so tired of all the outbursts. I first noticed these changes the week of our wedding. Her behavior was something we haven't seen before and couldn't understand why she was so angry and having meltdowns. We were of course concerned. But because we were so busy with the wedding, we decided to deal with it later and figured it was because we weren't giving her enough attention. But now that I had time to reflect, I believe she was starting the "Terrible Two's" stage. 

After reading so many articles, I came to a reasoning that there is a misconception that your child will not start this stage until their second birthday when in fact it usually starts much earlier. The good news is that this is only a phase and there is an end to the madness. Thank goodness! Researching and reading about this helped me so much. I can now understand this stage in my daughter's life and I've learned to recognize and deal with the situation. These temper tantrums and the disobeying is showing me and hubby she is trying to become more independent. Our daughter is officially no longer a baby.

"Up to this point, your toddler has focused on making you happy. They do silly things, smile, and laugh because they see it makes you smile and laugh. In the next phase (Terrible Twos) the child begins making independent choices which is very important to their development. The problem with making their own choices is that they have to disagree with you for the choices to be theirs and not yours. This conflict often frustrates the toddler and leads to crying and anger. Another issue is that the toddler sees the world from a much narrower perspective while you can see the bigger picture. They might not understand that they need to wear shoes to go outside. They just know they want to go out and perceive you are trying to keep them from doing that by taking time to put on shoes. Toddlers just want to explore their world to see how it works. Your job is to help them discover and participate with their surroundings so they can learn. However, keep in mind that they don’t understand what is safe, good or bad, or right or wrong. These are things you must teach them by guiding them in their activities. Some tactics to help deal with your toddler’s terrible two phase are: • Offer limited choices. Don’t just ask what they want to do, give them a couple of alternatives and let them decide. This helps your child make some decisions on their own. • Set limits to keep them safe, but don’t be surprised when they push these limits. • Don’t give into tantrums. If they learn that tantrums will get them what they want, they will repeatedly use this tactic. • Don’t just tell them “no”. Telling them what not to do doesn’t mean that they will grasp what the right thing to do is. • Distractions. When your toddler is upset about not getting to do something, distract them with something else. It is amazing how well this works and how quickly they forget they are upset. And lastly, don’t forget the good side of this development phase. During this phase your toddler is learning at a rate that will amaze you. They will do things that will surprise you. Your child is also learning great things such as giving hugs and kisses and when they imitate what you are doing it can melt your heart. So, enjoy and focus on the good, but be ready for the bad…" -

Here is my "Terrible Two"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

we love to snack

1. Quadratini Cookies. These cookies are deliciousness!!! They have the right amount of filling and will have you wanting more! They taste better when you put them in the fridge so there nice and cold when you eat them. My favorite is hazelnut!
2. Golden Oreo Cookies. These are Natalie's favorite! She can't just eat one maybe because all she eats is the creme filling! I try not to give her too many because its so sweet but she loves them.
3. Magnolia Popsicles. These are omg oh so good! They taste just as good as the real fruit! You have to try the mango! Me and Natalie's favorite!
4. Goldfish Baked Crackers. Natalie loves these fishies. She loves all the flavors!
5. Maui Onion Chips. I am addicted to these chips! They remind me of Hawaii everytime! I love the crunch and the flavor is so tasty. The Target brand is just as good as the Hawaiian one and much cheaper too.
6. Sprinkles Cupcakes. In my opinion, these are the best cupcakes ever. Natalie loves Sprinkles cupcakes. She already knows the box and how the bakery looks like. And everytime she sees one or the other she says "cupcake, cupcake, cupcake." I'm happy we only live 20 minutes away. lol!
7. Anthony's Cookies. These cookies are the best in the bay area. You have to try them!

*These are the reasons why I'm a fatty again hehehe :) 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

joys of motherhood

Three weeks ago, Natalie had a bad fall. She was playing in her bedroom when suddenly we heard her crying. We rushed to her room to comfort her and all she kept saying was "Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch....." as she was holding her left arm with her right hand. Our little girl was in pain & Ryan and I felt horrible. 

By now, your probably thinking weren't you guys watching her? 
I was down the hall in our room sorting my closet and Ryan was no more than 5ft away but was getting his uniform ready for work. He had no visual of her or how she fell. Ryan and I trust Natalie. We felt confident to know she was capable of playing in her room without needing our total supervision. We have never had a problem before until this incident. 

I felt awful. I was so upset with myself. I was full of regret. It is one of the worse feelings to see your daughter in pain especially if it could of been prevented. I was in tremendous guilt. I couldn't bear to see her in such agony. We took her to the ER to find out the bad was the last thing I wanted for to happen and it did. She had two fractures on her elbow and will need to be put in a long arm cast for 4-6 weeks. Felt relieved to know surgery was not in the future. I remember sitting in the waiting area hoping and wishing it was just a sprain. I tried to stay calm and neutral but I was angry. I was upset. I had no one to blame but myself. Ryan and I kept the news private, we didn't tell anyone but our immediate families. I didn't want anyone to make us feel more worse than we already did. I didn't want people to think we we're bad parents. I didn't want to hear any negativity. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed. I kept it a secret for as long as I could. A few days later, I came to a realization that no matter how much you try to protect your child and make sure they are never harmed or hurt....things happen. Kids play, run, jump. Kids are physically active. And I'm learning everyday. And today, I felt better to share my story. This is part of being a mommy. 

And I am happy to tell you....after an orthopedic appointment today, x-rays showed vast improvement and she will no longer be needing a cast. She had her cast removed today and is doing better :) 
Before they applied the long arm cast, due to the swelling, she had a splint to support her elbow. A week later, she had her pink long arm cast. She had it on for 2 weeks before getting it removed today. She is happy and I am too ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

despicable me

Last week was my god daughter's 2nd birthday =) The theme of her party was "despicable me." She was inspired by the movie. I have yet to watch it! But it seems so cute! Especially those minions (they look like twinkies lol). Of course, I had to help plan the party! Hehehe =) We set up a cute simple dessert table with balloons and a banner. And I made some sweet treats for the kids to enjoy! Lana's cake was so adorable! Our Auntie made it. She also made those lovable minion twinkies! They were too cute to eat!
On the day of Lana's birthday, her mommy invited Natalie to her birthday dinner. The food was delicious! One of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever had! Happy Birthday Lana! We love you!
Oh, you must be wondering is that a cast on Natalie?!?! Unfortunately, yes it is =( but that's another post for me to write about. Doesn't she look cute with a pink cast? lol! I have to make the best of it =)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011