Monday, August 8, 2011

despicable me

Last week was my god daughter's 2nd birthday =) The theme of her party was "despicable me." She was inspired by the movie. I have yet to watch it! But it seems so cute! Especially those minions (they look like twinkies lol). Of course, I had to help plan the party! Hehehe =) We set up a cute simple dessert table with balloons and a banner. And I made some sweet treats for the kids to enjoy! Lana's cake was so adorable! Our Auntie made it. She also made those lovable minion twinkies! They were too cute to eat!
On the day of Lana's birthday, her mommy invited Natalie to her birthday dinner. The food was delicious! One of the best Chinese restaurants I've ever had! Happy Birthday Lana! We love you!
Oh, you must be wondering is that a cast on Natalie?!?! Unfortunately, yes it is =( but that's another post for me to write about. Doesn't she look cute with a pink cast? lol! I have to make the best of it =)