Thursday, August 18, 2011

we love to snack

1. Quadratini Cookies. These cookies are deliciousness!!! They have the right amount of filling and will have you wanting more! They taste better when you put them in the fridge so there nice and cold when you eat them. My favorite is hazelnut!
2. Golden Oreo Cookies. These are Natalie's favorite! She can't just eat one maybe because all she eats is the creme filling! I try not to give her too many because its so sweet but she loves them.
3. Magnolia Popsicles. These are omg oh so good! They taste just as good as the real fruit! You have to try the mango! Me and Natalie's favorite!
4. Goldfish Baked Crackers. Natalie loves these fishies. She loves all the flavors!
5. Maui Onion Chips. I am addicted to these chips! They remind me of Hawaii everytime! I love the crunch and the flavor is so tasty. The Target brand is just as good as the Hawaiian one and much cheaper too.
6. Sprinkles Cupcakes. In my opinion, these are the best cupcakes ever. Natalie loves Sprinkles cupcakes. She already knows the box and how the bakery looks like. And everytime she sees one or the other she says "cupcake, cupcake, cupcake." I'm happy we only live 20 minutes away. lol!
7. Anthony's Cookies. These cookies are the best in the bay area. You have to try them!

*These are the reasons why I'm a fatty again hehehe :)